Our Team

Sergey Lysak

Director PioneersKyiv
CEO at Eltrino
Took part in Magento Core development. Co-founded Eltrino LLC — a full-service eCommerce solutions provider. Co-organize DiamanteDesk start-up project  

Elena Kulbich

Marketing manager PioneersKyiv
CMO at Eltrino
Master of Marketing with passion for web-design and web-development

Ilona Psheslavskaya

Account manager PioneersKyiv
HR Manager at Eltrino
Engaged in searching for the best of the best new talents for Eltrino company


We’re happy to become a part of big  Global Pioneers family.

It’s good opportunity for us to bring innovation closer to the market, help new promising projects gain and enlist the support of investors, angels, venture funds or accelerators.

Due to events like PioneersKyiv startups from all around the world empower to achieve their aims, develop idea into startup and startup into successful enterprise.

We believe that growth of Ukrainian entrepreneurs will help our motherland to get power and improve lives of every citizen. Or maybe we’ll find at PioneersKiev project that will bring innovations to the whole world. Everything is possible;)

We’re Eltrino — Company with the main focus on Magento implementations and various solutions around the platform (eg development of Magento extensions, Magento customizations, Magento tuning, Magento upgrades, etc). Company headquarters are located in Kyiv, Ukraine. We know all about startups’ issues and wishes because we’re developing own startup DiamanteDesk — easy-to-use open source helpdesk software solution with main focus on eCommerce.