Michael Ryabokon is Chief Operating Officer at Noosphere Global

Michael Ryabokon joined Noosphere after successfully leading a group of Internet companies within the Maxima Group.
Prior to working with the Maxima Group, Mr. Ryabokon worked as an Affiliate Advertising Manager at IDE Group. Before 2008, Mr. Ryabokon was serving honorably in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He ended his military career with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Mr. Ryabokon also has deep experience in crisis management and organizational restructuring.
In addition to serving as a COO of Noosphere, Mr. Ryabokon volunteers as the Vice President of the Ukrainian Spacemodelling Sport Federation. In 2004, Mr. Ryabokon earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the National Defense Academy of Ukraine.


«Noospherian investment policy: how to get backed by Noosphere Ventures»

The number of venture funds decreased on 77 since 2008 globally. Nevertheless the median deal size increased on $1,5m since 2013. So the main question of startuppers is how to get backed by the investors as the amount of ideas grows and the investors get more sophisticated. It is widely believed that 90% of startups fail and this is normal. We in Noosphere Ventures are sure that only 1 out of 10 startups invested by us might be a failure. And we give only 1 year to prove that. There is no secret in approach. Our business is based on philosophy and science. And it works.