Mark Turrell is founder and CEO of Orcasci, the author of Scaling

Mark is a strategist, author, public speaker, and entrepreneur. His work combines collective intelligence with areas such as networks, complex systems, behavioral science and neuroscience.

Mark has developed concepts, strategies and tools that are being used globally to design solutions to big problems, and to find ways to scale and spread good projects faster. He has supported projects on diverse topics from democracy to human rights, education to sanitation. Recent projects include the $1m Global Teacher Prize and Peace Education for Pope Francis’s Scholas NGO.

He is the founder and CEO of Orcasci, a consulting firm that designs strategies to help companies take advantage of high value opportunities. Prior to Orcasci, he co-founded Imaginatik plc, a pioneer in the use of collective intelligence and collaborative problem solving for corporations, focusing on innovation. During his 16 years at Imaginatik, Mark worked with hundreds of companies, including Allianz, Bayer, Boeing, Cargill, Dow Chemicals, Hallmark, IBM, Kraft, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Sunlife Financial, Whirlpool and Xerox.

Mark received his BSc in Business Studies from Cass Business School, and did post-graduate studies at Cass, ESCP (Paris) and TU Berlin.

Mark was nominated a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2008, and a Young Global Leader in 2010.


«50 Shades of Scaling: What tech companies can learn from the fastest selling book on the planet»

Scaling is based on three core concepts:

  • Emergence — how patterns of behavior emerge, without pre-determination, from the interaction of elements in a system
  • Networks — how the interaction between elements in a system configures into structures and allows for communication through a system
  • Waves — how the energy in a system can aggregate and concentrate, creating impact across an entire system

These concepts are translated into Scaling Frames, ways of looking at your challenges through different lenses to develop robust, elegant, low-effort strategies to scale and deliver outsized results.

You will learn about the concepts behind Scaling, and the strategies and methods you can apply in your own business. This is an interactive format, and Mark will take questions during the talk and later in the drinks reception, picking out the Scaling Frames that can best address your immediate and long term challenges.