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Kyiv. November 28, 2015, 11am - 3pm!


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Pioneers Community gathers the smartest minds in technology and science entrepreneurship at over 80 annual events and occasions to showcase, impact and shape our tomorrow.

On the 27th of June Pioneers came to Kyiv at the first time. The PioneersKyiv #1 was great. On November 28st, 2015 again you have a chance to present your adorable start-up and find investigation or win the challenge, get FREE ticket to The Pioneers Festival, May 24 - 25, 2016 in Vienna, Austria.  Every year more than 1,600 startups from 90+ countries applied to meet over 400 investors. The Festival is limited to 2,500 participants who will learn from the best and get inspired by keynotes that will show what to expect in the years ahead.

Everyone is welcome to join the PioneersKyiv challenge

Global Pioneers

- the place where entrepreneurs find meaningful connections that lead to partnerships in order to grow projects in a faster and more sustainable way. People helping people to support business growth.
Happening twice a year in your region Global Pioneers embraces the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and transforms it into a global community by connecting all the regional ecosystems.
- Europe’s major conference for tomorrow’s ideas, bringing together the smartest startups with corporates, media and investors eager to support the next big thing.
- 8 Start-Ups pitching their projects to a panel of 6 Experts, winner gets 1 Ticket to The Pioneers Festival in Vienna. 
This event is the first step for startups into a path of  learning, growth and stardom. This format of event is as part of a complete testing track, will push new projects towards media, corporations, mentorship and lead to the investment phase.
Hosted by Eltrino.